Ten killed in fresh Fulani herdsmen attack on Christian village

Ten people were killed in a Christian village in northern Nigeria after an attack by Islamic Fulani militants at the weekend.
Six police officers and four civilians died in the attack on Kwayine, Adamawa State, despite assurances from authorities the village was protected, according to International Christian Concern.
Another attempted attack hit the village on New Year’s Eve but the Fulanis were driven away by police and community members. Despite fears another raid was looming, police told the village leaders they were protected.
But the attack on 7 January struck in broad daylight at 2pm, according to one villager.
“They came upon us suddenly, chased us off, scattered us and burnt our houses. We fled. I barely escaped with my life. Only God knows where some of our people are now. We don’t know what we did to them,” he said according to ICC.
The Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Adamawa State said the attack “is an indictment on the failure of the Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Units who are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining peace, protecting lives and properties and gathering secret information about hostile attacks by enemies.
“They have failed to protect the Demsa Communitis,” said chairman Ajine Delo.
The latest attack is part of repeated ongoing assaults on Christians in northern Nigeria.
A national day of mourning was held on Sunday for Christians killed by Muslim Fulani herdsman.
CAN, who called for the day of mourning, described the killings as ethnic and religious cleansing by “Islamic fundamentalists disguising as Fulani herdsmen”.
Daniel Harris, regional manager for ICC, said: “ICC strongly condemns this attack on Christian communities in Nigeria.
“This is yet another example of the government’s failure to provide adequate protection for Christian communities in this region and refusal to stamp out the radical movements that cause these deadly attacks.
“The government’s refusal to recognize the Fulani militants as what they are, Islamic terrorists, threatens religious freedom and the lives of Christians in this region. We encourage the government of Nigeria to bring these perpetrators of violence to justice and to work harder to protect the lives of Christians in Adamawa State.”

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