You don’t play pranks with God – Bishop tells Christians

Anglican Bishop of Eha-Amufu, the Rt. Rev. Daniel Olinya, says the greatest undoing of the church was that Christians now play pranks with God, serving small gods and dining with the devil.
The prelate made the observation at the monthly power night programme of the Diocese of Abuja, held in December, 2016, at the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life Camp, Abuja.
He lamented that people do not seek God these days but what God will offer, thereby selling their faith for food in what he termed “Jehovah sharp sharp” manner.
“No wonder then people are fixing miracles and pastors turning to magicians in blasphemous transactions,” he said.
He said that the attempt to meet physical needs has made man to be slavish to the devil as he struggles without success, not knowing that God is nearby and nothing is difficult for Him.
Affirming that Jesus is the Bread of Life which no one can survive without, he urged Christians not to rejoice about miracles happening in their lives if they have not accepted Christ.
“It does not mean you are children of God; he said, adding that ritualists, bribe givers and takers and the like have belittled the power of God, not knowing that believers can survive even in the desert.
The bishop was sad that people do anything, including kidnapping, armed robbery, stealing, looting outside and inside the church, to get what they want, refusing to trust in God.
He warned that nothing is everlasting in the world, be it fashion, architectural pieces, electronics and so on, but reminded all that people struggle all days of their lives because they refuse to seek the Kingdom of God.