Group lambasts Cardinal Onaiyekan

The Nigerian Civil War and Genocide Research Network has resolved to report His Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Diocese, to the Pope over what it termed the Cardinal’s insensitivity to the ongoing attempts to annihilate the Christians” in Nigeria.
This came on the heels of Cardinal Onaiyekan’s alleged denunciation of the call by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for a one-day national prayer in honour of the victims of the Southern Kaduna pogrom because he would not take orders from CAN.
In a publication signed by the group’s coordinating Director of Research, Odogwu Dr. N. Tony Nwaezeigwe,the group observed that Cardinal Onyaiyekan’s  moves was divisive against the body of Christ.
It stated that if the cardinal, who is also the archbishop of Abuja, “cannot work towards the unity of the  Christians of this nation in the face of rampaging Muslim onslaught, then he has no business remaining a cardinal and Archbishop of Abuja Diocese.The group dismissed the Cardinal’s reasons for dishonoring the call for prayers which was that, “Roman Catholics do not take orders and instructions from CAN” and that ‘he does not believe in praying on a particular day”.
The network reminded  the Archbishop that he once presided over CAN and his orders were obeyed by other Christians during the period.
It, however, viewed this new stance as contrary to  Cardinal Onaiyekan’s stand when he declared that we should “give no room for evil people to sow discord and misery in our land”.
The group observed that the killing of Christians had persisted in the country despite what it described as the “Cardinal’s alliance with the Sultan of Sokoto” under the Interfaith Dialogue.
The group also expressed disappointment that the cardinal was only concerned with who gave order for national prayers than the litany of Christian Killings in the country under the guise of boko haram, beauty pageant, Sharia riot, herdsman attack, the pogrom against Ndigbo 50 years ago in the north and the recent Southern Kaduna massacre, among others.

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