Cleric writes Christians

By Echi Nwogu

Dear People of God, I pity Nigeria. I pity the Church of God in Nigeria. Israel was in Egypt and in Babylon. Their cry was not that they lacked food to eat but were sad for their loss of freedom. We appear not to understand the times we are in globally. We appear oblivious that we are now into the end time season when the persecution of Christianity and the rise of war against the people of God and rebellion against God and His Lordship of the earth.
We do not understand the trends and the message of the global quest for Islamic domination of planet earth. We say we are not political and are not interested in political developments around us. Is God interested in politics? Did the Old Testament prophets shy away from political matters and the present and future of Israel and the nations of the world? Did they shy away from speaking to Kings and the leaders on governance, justice and equity? Why was Israel sad and weeping by the rivers of Babylon?
I am so sorry for the Church of God in Nigeria. Ethnicity is so evident even in the orthodox and the new churches. The tribalism and parochialism is so sickening even in the most Pentecostal and evangelical.
My people perish for lack of knowledge and discernment. I am hopeful that God will for His names sake preserve and save us from the slavery and eclipse of the freedoms of religious worship and expression we have today. Many are not observing the rise of global intolerance of biblical Christianity as the nominal and militant Islamic world see Christianity as their greatest competitor and would gladly wish to see the overthrow and end of Christianity and the ascendancy of Islam.
But more worrisome is the rise of persecution and war against biblical Christianity by a rebellious decayed and dying Western civilization eaten up by a hedonistic culture with the pursuit of self pleasure as the greatest goal of life. As Christian lifestyles and discipline seem to condemn and prick their consciences, they are angry at biblical Christianity and are now busy hacking away at the pristine disciplines that hitherto held society together.
We are in the last days. Our prayers can either delay the coming of the hard days of end time Christianity or the fast tracking of it. The end time is here and the church of God is asleep. The people of God are not being prepared for  the hard times ahead. That’s why there will be a great falling away in the coming days. The syndrome of easy Christianity and prosperity Christianity has prepared many of the people for easy capitulation and denial of the Christian faith and the kingdom goals of more people for the Christ. CRY NOT FOR NIGERIA BUT CRY FOR THE CHURCH OF GOD IN NIGERIA, IN EUROPE AND IN AMERICA.  Biblical Christianity is under the end time siege.  Let’s be rapture ready. Let’s be kingdom passionate.