Neymar in soup – Corruption scandal

Barcelonal Star Neymar in trouble as him, Barcelona and his former club Santos (Brasilian club) stand trial on fraud and corruption charges which may see Neymar banned from football and two years in prison.
The Charges centre on the transfer of the Brazilian forward after their appeals were turned down by Spain’s high Court on Monday.
The case stems from a complaint by Brazilian investment group DIS which owned part of Neymar’s transfer rights and alleges that it received less money than it was entitled to when Neymar joined Barcelona from Santos in 2013.
More investigations were carried out in Spain and Brazil into whether any part of Neymar’s transfer fee had been concealed when he moved to Barcelona from Santos.
According to the judge’s findings, a pre-contract agreement between Neymar and Barcelona by which the player received 40 million curos ($144 million) in 2011 to ward off competing clubs for his signature altered the free market of football transfers
Barca initially announced the cost of the move at 57.1 million euros, 17.1 million euros of which was paid to Santos his former club with the remaining 40 million euros paid to N&N, a company owned by Neymar’s family.
However, Spanish authorities believe the real cost escalated to 83.3million DIS received 6.8 million euros, 40 percent of the fee paid to Santos.
The company (DIS) believed it was cheated of it’s real share because part of the transfer fee was concealed by Barcelona and Neymar.
Should he be found guilty, the Brazilian Star Neymar, 24, faces a prison sentence of between two years and six months and a heavy fine
Meanwhile, the Barcelona Star also faces tax evasion charges in Brazil.

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