Nigerians living abroad may no longer come home – US-based expert says he can handle the situation

An Aviation and defence expert based in the United States of America has decried the spate of kidnapping in Nigeria and has offered to help curb the  crime if asked.
Dr Albert Odi Ofoegbu who hails from Imo State frowned at the situation where most Nigerians living in the US dread coming home because of stories they hear about kidnappings and robberies of people from abroad.
The expert who has spent 35 years in the aerospace, defence and space system industry in America said that his knowledge of technology is rich enough to help government change the situation of the crime.
He said, for instance, that a helicopter fully equipped with infra-red rays and other gadgets would be part of the tools  combat the crime and its perpetrators.
According to him, he had once sought without success to discuss the issue with the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, but however, indicate willingness to partner with the government or its agencies whenever they called upon him.
On the social side, he suggested the effective use of traditional rulers and their chiefs in curbing the crime, positing that the royal fathers are in a position to identify the bad eggs among their community members.
Dr. Ofoegbu said that he was billed to return to California, USA where his services were still needed after retirement.
He said that he had once done a whistle-blower’s job when he alerted the nation of substandard materials being brought into Nigeria from China, a piece of information which the government acted upon and is gaining success in stopping the trend.