Check kerosene explosion menace

A ravaging recent public health issue which has not received serious attention (if any at all) is kerosene explosions. It is as virulent and deadly as Ebola, Vika and other pandemics, but only very few cases are reported. The erroneous impression is therefore given that it doesn’t deserve anyone being bothered about it.
This is very wrong. It is widespread and taking its toll on the poor and lower income segment of the society who use kerosene to cook. Hospitals are currently littered with desperate victims of kerosene explosion. Most of them are permanently disfigured or even lose their lives in the process. Most of the victims also are women and children because they do most of the work in the kitchen. First of all we draw attention to this menace. Secondly, we deplore the attitude that a problem is not an issue in our society if it is a problem that affects the so-called less privileged. Certainly if kerosene explosion were to be the big man’s or elite people’s problem, it would have been addressed and taken care of. This is big social injustice that government must stamp out forthwith.
All the unfortunate victims of kerosene explosions in hospitals should have their bills settled by government. The sources of this danger to innocent and vulnerable members of the public should be investigated and those criminally responsible punished severely.
The authorities cannot be excused of negligence and dereliction of responsibility if they let this development persist. The sources of this festering public health menace should be ruthlessly eliminated. Nigerians will be delighted to see this happen as soon as possible.

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