Imo fastest growing economy in South East – OCCIMA President

Despite the economic recession, Dr. Igwe Christian, the President of Owerri Chambers of Commerce Industry Mines and Agricultural (OCCIMA) has stated that Imo State is currently the fastest growing economy within the South East and South South geo-political zones.
Igwe said this in his Owerri office  while interacting with journalists on the state of the nation’s economy, recently.
According to him “Imo State government, under Governor Rochas Okorocha, has created the enabling environments that have helped businesses to profitably thrive in the state.
“They have provided adequate security, the network of roads is impressively motorable, power supply in the state has tremendously improved, the state government is wooing investors with mouth watering incentives, pipe borne water is regular and affordable, so many tourist attractions that have increased the population and marketing.  All roads from the South East and South South now lead to Imo as the new hub of economic activities,” he pointed out.
The  OCCIMA President, however, lamented the state of the Industrial layout on Onitsha Road, noting that the area deserves good roads and police station that would re-activate manufacturing  and industrial activities so as to futher boost the local economy and create employment opportunities.
Igwe, who is also Chief Executive officer of Regan Remedies Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, insisted that “Imo State is one of the fastest growing economy in Nigeria and it is strategically located to act as a catalyst, for the economic growth and advancement of South East and South South regions”.
The OCCIMA President described Governor Rochas Okorocha as a flamboyant business man who politically behaves like the magicians of the old.
In terms of transformation and development of the state, the astute business man pointed out that Governor Okorocha has done tremendously well and that most of his developmental projects are unimaginable.
According to him, “Owelle Ndi Igbo has, through his Rescue Mission Government, only succeeded in telling his critics to shut-up, he has positively re-defined governance.
You can imagine how he has been able to make Imo State a one city state through massive road network linkages, the tunnel shops; city flyovers, ultra modern school buildings, rural hospitals, and adequate security networks are all first of its kind in the state.
“Ironically, most of the state government critics’ live outside the state, therefore their views are based on assumption, pettiness, hatred and jealousy,” he said.
Igwe further informed that there was a day he decided to drive within Owerri and its environ just to assess the state government infrastructural development efforts. He said that he was marveled at the extent of development and transformation of the state within five years.
He said  that “Governor Okorocha means well to Imo people and that he is more of a Presidential material. I have lived in Imo state for more than 30 years now. I have seen previous administrations and most of them I was an active player, as a Christian, I can tell you that Governor Okorocha’s feat in terms of legacy projects and infrastructural transformation is unprecedented. The gospel truth is that he has given all of them sucker punch.  His name deserves to be written in gold.
Most importantly is that, he is not discriminatory in his developmental plans, he offers the three Senatorial zones of the state an equal opportunity for accelerated growth and development,” he insisted.

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