Only true patriots can save Nigeria – Prof Anyanwu

A lecturer in the Imo State University (IMSU) Prof. Damian Anyanwu, has warned that Nigeria would continue to slide into economic and political abyss unless true patriots take over the affairs of the country.
Prof. Anyanwu, the Dean Faculty of Humanities, said that the takeover by true patriots would reduce the exodus of Nigerians to other countries where they are exposed to xenophobic attacks.
Prof. Anyanwu made the declaration while speaking to Christian Voice in his office at the weekend.
The erudite scholar, who fielded questions on a number of topical issues, including the state of the nation, incessant xenophobic attacks on Nigerian nationals in other countries, especially South Africa, the economy, war against corruption, tertiary institutions as theatre of unbridled crimes and way out of the present predicament.
On the state of the nation, the don said that the picture is very gloomy due to fears, anxiety and hopeless.  He said that until the operators of government on various tiers embark on serious agricultural and industrial revolution that would create employment for teeming jobless citizens, the much trumpeted national security would be a mirage.
He advised those in authority to eschew ethnic, religious and sectional prejudice which has polarized the nation into various conflicts and agitations.
He also counseled them to fashion realistic blueprint toward economic, social and political emancipation of the country.
Prof. Anyanwu lamented on what he described as “Nigerian Factor” or “Get it now syndrome”, which he said has reduced the country into a state of anomie, adding that all segments of the society are involved including the leadership, the people and institutions.
On the mass exodus of Nigerians, especially the youths to other countries which have exposed them to various dangers, including xenophobic attacks, the university don said that the whole thing stemmed from hopelessness and anxiety.
He said that some of the emigrants are armed with various certificates and degree, but because they could not use them in their own country in order to plan and better their lives, they had to emigrate to other countries without recourse to dangers in search of greener pasture.
On whether the situation is due to poor leadership and managerial deficiency on the part of the ruling class, Prof. Anyanwu said that the problems are multi-dimensional involving both the leadership and the people, lack of managerial initiatives on the part of the leadership, and entrepreneurial skills on the part of the emigrants.
On the state of the economy, the professor of History and International Studies said that the nation’s economy is on the brink of precipitation. He called on all Nigerians to arise at the occasion in order to proffer possible solution.
On the war against corruption, Prof. Anyanwu said that the war is not yet over, and implored all agencies responsible for the fight to extradite action.
On the insinuations that tertiary institutions in the country are theatres of corruption and unbridled criminalities, such as cultism, admission racketeering, examination malpractices, immorality, indecent dressing and others the Dean said that tertiary institutions are not perfect.  He said that they are a sub-section of the larger society, adding that what you see in the higher institutions are the reflections of the larger society which breeds corruption.
On how the nation can come out of the present economic, social and political degradation, Prof. Anytanwu called on all stakeholders, including the government, the people and all institutions to brace up and stop bemoaning the past.
He, therefore, called for total national rebirth