Tidy up street names

One of the ways to immortalize people who have done much for humanity is to name streets, monuments, landmarks and institutions after them. This is done in other societies. As soon as you enter into their cities, the history of the place will be seen on streets and names of places everywhere. But not here in Imo state. Our departed heroes, heroines, historic figures and personalities are easily forgotten, the past swallows them up and nobody remembers them any more. Here, the memory of respected, departed persons die and is buried with them on the day of interment. It simply appears as though we don’t have people who have contributed something or lived lives worthy of remembrance in various fields. This will not inspire anybody giving of his best in the service of society?
We don’t think this is a good legacy for posterity. Of all past administrators, governors and even exceptional players at lower levels, only the colonial ones, have places and streets named after them. Governor Achike Udenwa is perhaps the only exception. Some institutions and places have been named after people, not as a rule but as exceptions, after a long while. Usually, names of our heroes and heroines in their own right cannot be found inscribed anywhere as remembrances. Douglas, Wetheral, Tetlow and Royce remain as though their names and colonial roles are something to be proud of, immortalized and retained for ever; as though they only are to be unforgettable and more of value than our own people who have served as well. Those foreign names are overdue for replacement with our own people. The practice also whereby people put their names on streets is not right. Government should put a stop it forthwith.
Those their names are up as street names must deserve it. Nobody should just wake up and write a sign post with his/her name on it as a street name. A Commission is needed to sanitize the naming of streets and find appropriate monuments, institutions and landmarks to name after important Imolites who have departed. The Commission must do something also about road signs which are either non-existent or inadequate. This will tidy up and beautify the landscape in both urban and rural areas. The state of Imo will look far more orderly and organized if and when that is done.

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