Are doctors of Nigeria incompetent?

The doctors of this country as a body and as individuals are challenged to prove that they are not as useless as they are portrayed by the country’s leaders. They have to stand up and defend their titles now more than ever before.
Though we don’t know what the president’s current ailment is, is it true that the medical doctors of Nigeria and the facilities available to them cannot handle the health issues of the man who serves them as president?
Who disputes the fact that the frequent trips abroad by wealthy Nigerians for simple and big ailments is an indictment on the competence of doctors of this country?
The doctors may want to make the decent argument that people should be free to choose their medical travels and destinations. But if the impression is created erroneously by it that their foreign colleagues are generally better than them, they must object to it, because it is untrue. We can attest to this and protest about it on their behalf. It robs off on and blackens the international image and reputation of the people of this country.
We call upon the NMA to reject this unfair and wholesale discrediting of its members and their professional practice. Why is NMA there if this unwarranted abuse of its well-established integrity and reputation will be allowed to go unchallenged for so long?

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