NYSC hopeful gunned down near IMSU … Victim said to be an only son

By Nneka Onyema

Tragedy struck last week when a young man believed to be a graduate of Imo State University (IMSU) Owerri was gunned down some metres away from the IMSU campus.
The boy was said to have graduated at IMSU last year but was not short-listed for the NYSC programme.  But luck was said to have smiled on him this year as he was among the graduates penciled down to participate in the next batch coming up in November.
According to our sources, the boy, said to be an only son, travelled to Owerri to conclude his clearance only to be killed by unknown assailants.
His killers were said to have sited him from a distance and drove from straight to where he was and pumped hot pellets into his body and he died on the spot.  As soon as they confirmed he was dead they escaped in their gate-away care.
An eye witness said the commando style operation caused pandemonium at the hostels within the area, sending students scampering for cover.  When the dust settled down the dead graduate was seen lying in a pool of his blood.
The police later came and removed his body to their station, the sources said.
Meanwhile, no arrests have been made so far but police sources said they have spread their dragnets to fish out the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

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