Great on rural roads

The Imo Rescue Mission has never lost its touch! Not when its promises are concerned. The governor’s promises on rural roads is nearing fulfillment.
The people of Mbieri have heaved a sigh of relief with the final completion of the town’s road network. It is a promise kept. It demonstrates the love of the boss for his deputy in acknowledgement of his unflinching loyalty. Prince Eze Madumere can now go home with pride and confidence without having to explain endlessly about the poor road conditions in his home community, while being the state’s deputy governor.   However we plead that the short stretch from Orie-Mbieri through Ubakuru to Iho be done as well.  The people will be happier.
We hope what is left of rural roads elsewhere in Imo state can now be tackled and completed. Oh yes, it can be done with the type of doggedness and tirelessness the state governor has.
Governor Rochas Okorocha has always kept his word about his incredible and ambitious infrastructural development of Imo state, though not as quickly as he said he would. Obviously finance is a constraint. But work is expeditiously going on. The people of Imo state should keep hope alive about the gaping and nasty urban roads currently under reconstruction.
When sooner than later the work is through, we are sure it will change the face of Imo state beyond anybody’s expectation. The work remaining on urban roads is daunting enough. But if we meet this challenge with Christian faith, it would encourage the governor to brace up and accomplish what seems impossible today. Let us pray for him. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. God help us.

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