Dangers of exam malpractice

We are in the annual period of exam malpractice, the period of JAMB and UTME, when educational competencies are awarded mostly wrongly. Many people get away with it and get excellent but false results, which enable them, get into the universities as poison in the system. With that, fallen standards are inevitable.
The disturbing thing about it is the complicity of teachers and invigilators in promoting and committing the crime. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the law, exam mal-practice is an insidious crime of the student and not the examiner. It makes the crime treatable with deterrence only. With that, it is assumed the matter is finished with. But exam malpractice is growing worse with every passing year and with the active collaboration of the examiner.
Despite the stringent laws, there are designated special centers all over the place for exam malpractice where law enforcement people are paid not to take notice of and not to get close to. This is where it all starts. The foundation is laid for corruption and bad citizenship.
However we recommend that exam malpractice is a preventable disease. Action about it should not be taken post mortem, but before.
This takes us right back to the state’s attitude to exam malpractice. In our view the attitude is wishy-washy, lackadaisical and inadequate. It must be revisited with a view to eliminating it completely. It is the root of all evils in Nigeria.

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