Ace broadcaster stresses accountability in governance

Dr. Eddie Iroh, the former Director General of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) has indentified accountability as the fulcrum for responsible and responsive governance.
Iroh stated this as a guest lecturer to the first Imo Good Governance lecture sponsored by Imo Bilie Initiative for Social Justice (IBIN) with topic: Stewardship Accountability in Public Spending held on Thursday at the Conference Hall of Immaculate Hotel, Owerri.
The seasoned broadcaster, who was represented at the well attended occasion by Mr. Anthony Ozor, a senior presenter with Radio Nigeria, Owerri commended the topic of the lecture as being timely especially as the nation – Nigeria is still grappling with a clear understanding of the true meaning of good governance, transparency and accountability.
He pointed out that accountability gives authority as well as meaning to leadership in so far as it is answerable to the people from whom leadership traditionally derives but regretted that in Nigeria. their leaders often talk about rendering account of stewardship but hardly implements the tenets expected in accountability.
According to him “Governance does not cost a kobo on a day to day basis, although, it would have cost you plenty of Naira in training and acquiring the skill that equips you to govern. Government on the other hand, is where the money is spent – through budgeting and implementation of recurrent and capital project”, he observed.
Iroh assured that the quality of governance will guarantee the impact on the kind of government the people get insisting that good governance, practiced by skilled, qualified, knowledgeable and capable public officials is more likely to save the country or the  state money than cost them.
He insisted that through intelligent, creative policy design, and innovative planning and prudent and diligent implementation of public policies and programme, good governance can produce savings in the public treasury.
The Guest lecturer further informed that good governance is also a function of moral and even spiritual integrity characterized by honesty, fairness, equity and justice, all of which again cost nothing from the public purse.
To him, “The greatest hallmark of good governance is transparency in Leadership, which in turn gives credibility to a leader. And without accountability you will not find transparency because they are symbolic twins. It is through prism of accountability that the actions of our leaders become apparent and transparent”, he noted.
Iroh also insisted that the solution to the challenges of good governance, transparency and accountability lies with the people.
Earlier, Mr. Obidinma Aku, the National Coordinator of Imo Bilie Initiative for Social Justice (IBIN) said that the organization is a non-partisan Pro-Democracy civil society group with the key objective of promoting good governance in Imo state.

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