LG boss warns against indiscriminate bumps on roads

Ahiazu Mbaise LGA TC Chairman, Chief Cletus Onwuegbule has warned against indiscriminate erection of bumps on roads in the area.
He gave the warning in his tour of the area, recently.
The LG boss regretted that the bumps have not only caused damage to vehicles but also accidents and carnage just as it provides vantage points for hoodlums to operate and escape.
Chief Onwuegbule said the bumps are threats to life and property but admonished drivers against recklessness, overspeeding, overloading, careless overtaking, drunkenness and use of handset and other distracting devices while driving.
The LG boss harped on the need to obey traffic laws, respect road signs and other road users.
Chief Onwuegbule advised motorists not to look down on pedestrians but to value the sacredness of life and eschew despicable attitudes that could result in careless deaths.
He underlined the importance of concentration on the wheels and the essence to shun distractions, warning against sleeping or driving under sedatives.

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