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The Cathedral of Transfiguration of Our Lord (CATOL) in Owerri has been completed and dedicated to the delight of perhaps the entire Christian world. One way to look at the wonderful achievement is to see the Cathedral as another evidence of the Igbo genius.
It was embarked upon soon after the war when the entire Igbo land was in tatters and there was no money to do anything. The vision for a worship center of such architectural complexity and magnitude amounted almost to profligacy and day-dreaming at that time. It looked like throwing away the meager resources of an impoverished people instead of confronting their immediate need for survival.
But here we are today. CATOL is standing, unimaginable in its size, cost and sheer magnificence and splendor, the pride of not only Owerri province, but also the Igbo race and Nigeria at large. Indeed Africa can boast of CATOL as its newest, outstanding worship center of a world class.
Despite the widows’ mites and the heavy donations that went into erecting the edifice, the Church does not look like the work of mere man. It looks like something that dropped from heaven. But it is the result of dogged effort, relentlessness and application of indomitable spirit. Those who prosecuted the work were meticulous. More significantly, it was built entirely by exclusive Igbo expertise.
It is remarkable to note that there was no accident or death during the construction of such a high-risk work, which lasted several decades to finish.
CATOL adds tremendously to the artistic outlook and fervor of Owerri. Its maintenance and continuous improvement should not be taken for granted. It will take much money and management still to make CATOL the tourism site that it is. Also its administration ought to be so professional that varied creative services will be offered there: It should be the exemplary worship center that it is meant to be.  Congratulations our Lord Bishop and his amiable wife.  We wish all who contributed to the completion of CATOL God’s continued blessings.  May the Lord also replenish your purses.

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