Our descent to self destruct (2)

It might have been  possible that in those days some people who worked in government poultry houses  sold eggs and poultry products.  Some of them might have gotten  them from the Government poultry at no cost; they stole them from the poultry, sold the products and pocketed the proceeds.  Government appointees will walk into any Government institutions, station their cars, and fill their fuel tanks including that of their friends at the cost of the institution.  Some run their private generating sets and make private phone calls using Government resources.  So tell me why the then Progress Bank should not have folded up?  Tell me why our primary schools, secondary schools and universities have continued to go on dilapidated structures?
When a civil servant intends to attend a funeral of a friend or distant relation, he or she is not informing you the boss to grant permission, but is only notifying you of his or her right to go for burial and so Government business can go to hell.  And I ask, if it were your private business, will you abandon the cash flow for a burial?  No wonder we have general hospitals and specialist hospitals owned by government that are not working.  Nevertheless check the nearest private hospital owned by a consultant under the employ of the Government, it works well and staff discipline is not only enshrined, it is enforced and the staff does not call the boss a wicked man.
Go to the police force, it is a place of anarchy, go to immigration, it is another hell, go to any ministry, agencies and departments, it is a beehive of a majority of men and women on a mission of self destruct and working hard only when compelled or when there is something to gain.  I still ask why are our banks which are not owned by Government working?   Have you ever gone to the bank and you are told that the officer whose schedule it is to handle your transaction has gone for a burial of the neighbor who used to live in the same “yard” with him or her?
How we can come out of this self destruction is a question that challenges me.  How can the civil servant leave the tree shade where they idle away, sharing kola-nuts and gossiping to their offices where they can engage in productive activities?  I strongly believe that a new model where Government business is run and engineered by the private sector, a kind of partnership will help to transform civil service.  A situation where government lands and agro-allied ventures lie dormant while workers of the ministry of Agriculture get their monthly pay is not tenable.  A situation where a university’s farm does not bring in profits, does not roll out products and does not empower students is absurd; yet there are professors there paid handsomely. Ultimately the reason why there is this much decay is because Nigeria as presently constituted is a unitary federation.  I believe that if Nigeria is restructured to allow for healthy competition and equity among the federating units, the civil service too will be affected for good.   What is on my mind?  That is what Facebook keeps asking me, my mind is thinking of how we can escape this looming ultra chaos?

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