Archbishop Egbunu decries killings in Kogi

Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lokoja and the Bishop of Lokoja Anglican Diocese, the Most Rev. Emmanuel Egbunu, has expressed dismay at the attacks being carried out by herdsmen against unsuspecting villagers.
Most Rev. Egbunu, who spoke recently at the Second Session of the Eighth Synod of the Diocese, regretted that there was hardly any firm challenge by the government as the herdsmen executed their attacks “with military precision”.
He called on the government to take a decisive stand and end the attacks that affect agriculture adversely.
The Prelate expressed concern over the devaluation of educational certificates obtained in Nigeria and Kogi State in particular, applauding the initiatives of the present administration to reposition education in Kogi State to its once enviable standard.
Giving his Bishop’s Charge, at the Synod which took place at All Saints Anglican Church, Ajaokuta, Most Rev. Egbunu stated that the gospel is the world’s only hope and therefore the church must preach it, and man must receive and believe it to be saved. Archbishop Egbunu stated that the gospel begins with the incredible news of God’s love for fallen humanity and not divine condemnation; explaining that this reveals the value that God places on mankind.
Speaking on the theme for the Synod, “The Gospel and our Eternal Destination,” Archbishop Egbunu pointed out that the clearest gospel message is that God loves man, therefore He sent His Son so that anyone who believes in Him will not suffer eternal damnation, but enjoy eternal life. He noted that life is meaningless without the love of God that redeems man, and frees him from the consequences of the fall. He however, stressed that this love, which is revealed in the sacrifice Christ paid on the cross, must be accepted for there to be redemption. He said that man must make a positive response – faith and repentance to God’s offer for salvation for there to be a regeneration or renewal of body, soul and spirit.
Quoting profusely from the Bible, the Bishop of Lokoja Anglican Diocese explained the meaning and essence of the gospel; further describing the two available eternal destinations – heaven and hell. He described heaven as the destination of the righteous, a place of unending joy and a place to enjoy God’s presence forever; and hell as a place of torment and eternal separation from God. Thus, Archbishop Egbunu urged all to make the right choice, emphasizing that although man has the freedom of choice, the consequences of any choice man makes is irreversible.

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