Nigeria must reform

If anything will make Nigeria fail, it is the unnoticeable decimation of its grassroots by high prices, poor feeding, disease, shock and cardiac arrest. Corporate Nigeria itself looks like something in coma. It has a heart condition and may be breathing its last. We owe it the expression of our sympathies because it helps, to wish a sick person well.
But the governments and well-placed people live their normal lives oblivious of the suffering in the masses and the ominous condition of the country.
When things like these happen, and in addition the naira cannot buy anything, then there is real trouble. So far the leaders don’t behave as if something is wrong. They have not been equal to the threat. The media don’t point them to the dangers. This is where the danger lies.
Nigeria seems, for this reason, a diminished force among its people and abroad.
People are dismissive at the mention of their country as a giant. Everywhere it has become fashionable to refer to Nigeria with disdain and to look upon it as a place where nothing works. It is hard to be proud of her.
But rather than sneer at Nigeria’s impotence the people should be asking if anything can be done to rediscover its vigor and if so what they can do about it. This should be more so with men and women in privileged and leadership positions.
We have an optimistic view of this however, and it is to call upon Nigerian leaders to sum up courage and work a little harder at the current challenges. They must not allow the country to drift. The going has gotten tough, the tough should get going. They must not quit and abandon their responsibilities as they seem to be doing. This is the best chance they have to revive the country and prove their mettle as leaders. All the wrong steps since 1960 must be reversed and corrected. Indeed something drastic must be done politically about the country now before it becomes too late. The state of the nation is not cheery at all. Nobody can fault this candid observation.

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