… And Okey Ezeh pleads for them

The Chairman of Okechukwu Theodore Ezeh Foundation, Mr. Okey Ezeh, has called on Imo State government to save pensioners who are dying on daily basis as a result of hunger, sickness and depression owing to non-payment of pensions and gratuities.
Mr Ezeh issued the statement after listening to the presidential address by the Anglican Bishop of Orlu Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Bennett Okoro, during the Diocesan Synod last week.
The Bishop in his address lamented the excruciating suffering the pensioners are going through, stating that one Mr. Stephen Nnadi, a retired Principal in Imo State committed suicide due to suffering arising from non-payment of his pension and gratuities.
Mr. Okey Ezeh warned that if pensions and gratuities of retirees are not paid, many more may still die. He said for every one person that succumbs to suicide, there are many others tottering on the edges, hence urgent measures must be taken to ameliorate their sufferings.
Mr Ezeh described Mr. Stephen Nnadi’s action as the climax of despair our people have sunk into.  While calling on the government to ensure prompt payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities, he urged the government to realize that the people deserve the right to be properly governed.
He said it was hypocritical for government officials to live in opulence while at the same time denying the people who have put in the most productive   stage   of   their   lives   serving   the  state   their   rightful entitlements.

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