Happy Fathers’ Day

As fathers celebrate their Day, we enjoin all men to spare   a thought on what the Day was set apart for.
The Fathers’ Day must not be a yearly empty ritual in which some fathers may not spare a thought on the virtues of fatherhood and the essence of the Day. No. It is an occasion when the virtues of a father are displayed and demonstrated for all to see and to the Glory of God.
Fatherhood can be a burden which people feel saddled with as a great deal of load they derive no joy or pleasure whatsoever from. It is a position, a status, a privilege and responsibility. One becomes a father with a lot of striving. It is not easy.
Today, the church has a specific duty to all Christian fathers as persons and as communities and groups. The message is mainly for fathers in distress to whom fatherhood seems a trap and the family a hell from which they would like to escape. They are being shown the joy and delight in fatherhood so that this will in turn reflect on and brighten the fortunes of the family. This is found nowhere else but in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ghosts of hardship and misery are everywhere. They clog the walls of our hearts. They prevent people representing the proper role of a father wherever they are. For a father in one home is a father everywhere.
Certainly churches will dwell so much on the subject of fatherhood. As such all men must devote energy and time and listen attentively to what they will be told. The fathers are still fathers of the nation. Thereupon fathers will receive a heart of gratitude from the rest of us.
We want fathers ultimately to be fathers with a sense of entitlement.
Some are fathers but only in name. Lots of people are fatherless while living with a father. Fathers that are no fathers indeed must live in admission of guilt, confess, be converted, repent and do better so that a person with a father will indeed have a father. That’s the essence of a Fathers’ Day. Happy merry-making! Eat and drink responsibly.

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