The giant cannot stand

The giant cannot stand, the knees are feeble and the toes are jittering, the weight from the head to the loins is telling on legs. The many forces holding the edifice have become broken. There is no strength in her loins. And the great status is cracked to the point of no repair. Awaiting now for the giant is a complete and total falling apart of all the components that constitute it.
History keeps on repeating, and nobody can deny the fact that Nigerians are coming face to face to the end of the falsified Republic. Nation held in high hopes. Three fold cold they said cannot be broken but a multilingual and religious country like Nigeria is a nation held by many colds and these colds have been severely damaged and broken
All level of national and personal developments, social-economic development, inter-personal and regional relationship, our institutions were our foundations; rule of law and enforcement of laws; these are key to nation building and when these things are continuously and grossly violated by any people especially those in power in favor of religion or ethnicity or family, these forces cannot hold.
This is how porous the system is as someone rightly pointed out:
Let’s make a bet that from now to this time in next 10 years, not minding all the calls for their heads, none of those that made the pronouncement would ever be arrested or prosecuted. If we never witnessed any prosecution of culprits that killed southerners or even the herdsmen that kill everywhere, those that merely spoke some words can’t be punished. If murder and mass killing cannot attract prosecution, ordinary words can ever be an issue……Ikenna, Sun,10 June, 2017.
The coalition of Arewa youth forum has committed more treasonable felony than Nnamdi Kalu in their inflammatory statement of Kaduna declaration.
Is it not a violation of law and order that some many who have looted the national treasury, not even a person has been sent to prison. Is it not in the same nation that we had tollgate removed from other states but a state is still functional. Is it not in this nation that different states have different admittance scores into the university. Is it not in this nation that arrested persons are not prosecuted nor formerly charged to court on the ground of your region, family or who you know. A nation where the states with low internal revenue have more allocation and federal grants because they had more LG. A state is structured to favor some and disenfranchised some. A state where human life is counted less than a cow’s.  A state structured to undermine and kill the potentials of the youth in development and skills. A state where jobs are bought and gotten because you have somebody in government. A nurse is preferred over a professional doctor on the ground that she is experienced and from the region. A farmer will do the work of an engineer. Where many citizens, non-citizens, politicians, government officers, law enforcement officers, multi-nations companies and organizations do not pay tax to the state and employ based on ethnic or religious prejudice, to mention only but few.
They threaten the very foundation of our nationhood by their continually dangerous actions and inactions. Therefore, the very fabric of our assumed oneness is broken forever.
In 1479, King Ferdinarnd II and his wife Queen Isabella I (both Catholics) ruled over the kingdom of Spain. Their reign brought Spain into modern era of imperial expansion. In 1481 the fear of the Jewish domination and success triggered the conspiracy of nations (Spain and Rome). The kingdom pressured Popo Sixtus IV to grant a monarchy-controlled inquisition in Spain by threatening to withdraw military support at which time the Turks were a peril to Rome. In 1483 the request was granted and prosecuted in every minute detail by a general, a young man named Tomas de Torquemada. This began what we know today as the Spanish inquisition.
The Jews were separated from every scheme of thing. They didn’t hold public offices, they lived in ghettos, all schools and professions were closed to them. All commerce by which they could make living from were closed to them. By 30th March, 1492, the kingdom had signed a decree ordering Jews out of the kingdom and territories. Their departure date was set August 1st that same year. This was known as Edict of expulsion similar to Kaduna declaration. Many Jews died on the account of this inquisition and decree. The Jews were stripped of their wealth because the decree prohibited them of leaving with any gold, silver, or precious metal, etc. properties were confiscated, valuables were lost, human lives: men, women, and children died. They were to leave empty-handed. The same year, unlike the Igbos, the Jews did not have any place they could call their home giving to Arab occupation of their home land, a young man by the name Christian Columbus was charge to find a safe harbor for the Jews. This led to the discovery of the new world, the present day America. The Jews left Spain before and after the set date.
Unlike the Jews of that time, we (Igbos) have a home land. The Igbo land is rich and blessed with enormous human, material and mineral resources. Contrary to the popular opinions, the land is vast and can accommodated all the Igbos in this Cosmos.
If I were governor or if I had the means, I will send many buses to the north to bring my brothers and sisters home. I will not wait until the northern youth carry out their sinister agenda to my fellow Igbos. I will not repeat the mistake of asking them to stay back or calm down and leave them as meat in the hands of dogs, as were the case of 1966/1967 or what they (the northerners) called the second reprisal attack on the Igbos after our leaders told our people to calm down, to go about their businesses. The number that died for staying back or for returning to the north cannot to be equaled to the first attack of the north to the easterners after the coup. We lost more men to the course of staying back, and calming down; men and women who would have been key to the outcome of the later war.
Now we have the ample opportunity to salvage more live than lose them. Do the needful, anybody who wants to stay back is on his own after whats. It will be a sin on the part of our leaders, if the north eventually carried out these threats and they did nothing. At least If the worse plays out i.e. the northerners in the east do not leave east on or before the said date, let the men stay back while women, and children should return home. Let the young men stay back, in-case of, non-peaceful resolution of the many Nigeria problems or any attack (act of war) on our soil by their people. We shall by no means be on the defensive; we shall by all means be on the offensive. They have herds men in all our bushes awaiting orders to kill us, why bring our young men back, we need foot soldiers on ground, men who know their terrain; all villages, towns and cities. In this, we have the upper hand, at least, we know them, where their soldiers are in our bush but they don’t know us as they think.
The leaders from different regions of this nation will be lying if they say things are going will in this nation, from political to economical, from educational to military. Every aspect of our social –economic life has suffered wreckage. Our institutions which are pivotal to nation building, be it legislative or executive or judiciary has suffered the pretense of our divergence and lopsided religious tolerance. They cannot hold the truth they have sworn to protect—–why pretend?
The Arewa youth (or the coalition of the different groups and forum in the north) has done well in making their position known to the Nigeria people and the world in general as well us. They have recognized the handwritings on the wall. Since they have seen the position of the many Igbo youth, their resolve in the Biafra quest, they too have made their own position known to the Nigeria populace.
They claim their original manuscript was altered and still maintained the fact that they want the Igbos gone from their regions without violence. Whether it was altered or not is not the case, you cannot take back your vomit, a man shall be condemned or justified by his words. Are you unlearned not to have seen or noticed that what you were dishing out was not the same pot of soup you prepared. It was agreed upon, master minded by them and their leaders, in cooporation with the people they represent.
Therefore, I advise that you, the Arewas, take the necessary steps (like the Igbos have done and are doing) for the peaceful separation of the Igbos from the Nigeria project. Write to the necessary arms of governments, bodies, local and international organization; the Federal government, the ECOWAS, UN and OAU, telling them that you will not be a part to a Nigeria that an Igbo man (or any other tribe you may include) is a part of as you had stated in your resume.
Some of their elected and un-elected leaders condemned the threat declaration, but welcomed the separation decree their youth cleave for as in the case of Northern Elder Forum (Prof. Ango Abdullahi, according to him, whoever feels Nigeria “is not conducive for him” let him quit, adding that what the northern youth groups did was not a sin……. Mazi Kalu, has been agitating for the breakup of Nigeria but his people were behind him, therefore, I am behind the youths.

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