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Peace in the midst of storm

By Chioma Samuel

Have you ever thought of why people take “their life”? It’s because the devil has taken away their peace of mind in the midst of storms of life. Imagine you are in a boat just like Jesus and his disciples did in the book of Matthew 8vs23-27.suddenly a furious storm comes up. What will be your first reaction? Nothing far from anxiety and fear. That was exactly the reaction of the disciples. It’s only a dead man that can remain peaceful in the midst of  a life threatening furious storm. Am sure you will be asking yourself how you can have peace in the midst of storm if only a dead man can have peace in such situation. Remember what Jesus told his fear enveloped disciples “you of little faith why are you so afraid” vs. 26.Dont forget that we profess that we have given our life to Christ. Why do we have to tremble like we still have it? When we give our life to Christ, we build our faith in him. We trust him in everything knowing   that he is always available, never late and knows the best for us. Jesus told his disciples in the book of john 14:27 “peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid”.
Absence of peace breeds fear, frustration, anxiety, depression etc. But when peace is in the life a man it breeds joy, happiness, sane mind, breakthrough, good health etc. There will never be joy in the absence of peace. Storms can be anything that tries to take away your peace of mind. It could be your wants that are not met. There are unbearable situation that seems unending. People try their very best to frustrate and take your joy from you. Whatever the case may be, none of them is qualified to take your joy from you. Your joy worth more than wealth, fame and other earthly achievements. The bible rightly said in the book of proverbs 17:1 “it is better to eat a dry crust of bread with peace of mind than to have a banquet in a house filled with trouble”
Try as much as possible to protect your joy and peace of mind. Do not allow your peace to be attached to the things you want. Man’s want is insatiable and there are a lot of prayers and expectations that will not be answered because they are our wants but God knows and provides our needs. In life we need patience and perseverance to achieve some certain things and in having them we need peace. We can’t control circumstances around us but we can control our attitude towards them. Your attitude in the midst of storms shows if we have given our life to Christ practically or verbally. A wrong approach to life can be very drastic. People get themselves worked out, trying to make everything go their own way. They attach their joy to those things if those thing tarry, their joy tarries.
When unbearable situations comes your way, you can’t get them out of your way by allowing them take your joy. You can’t solve a problem by creating another. There are bills to pay, sickness comes into your life with a stool to stay, no progress around you etc all these things get worst when you allow them to take away your joy and peace of mind. Life is too short and meaningless to root your joy in things happening around you. No matter how dry the economy on earth can be, it can never affect the economy in heaven. God can never disappoint those who trust in him.
There are times people around you would try to subtly take away your peace of mind. The fact is that everybody won’t like you. If you go about trying to impress everybody, you end up being frustrated and you lose your happiness. Don’t allow troublesome people to influence you. Thats their nature. Two wrongs can never make a right, ignore their ranting and hold your peace. You can’t prove to them that they are wrong by ranting like them or letting loose your anger, you will end up becoming like them. Don’t change who you are suppose to be because of people, rather show them you are different. Let your life and attitude be based on the standard of the word of God. Try as much as possible to leave in peace with one another and while trying to do that never allow them to take away your peace of mind. The truth is that there are a lot of people out there carrying frustrations, anger etc looking for where to dump it, don’t allow yourself to carry their frustrations when they dump it at your feet. Just walk away in peace. Always protect your peace of mind no matter how severe the storms may be.
The greatest asset one can get is to live a life filled with joy, peace and happiness. If you have the whole world without them, you have nothing.

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