Chieftain kicks as APC relocates Oguta party office

An All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, community leader and activist Hon. Okey Opiah, the Apataoyi Oguta has opined that Oguta APC is gradually heading for a crash.
The Akpataoyi Oguta made this assertion while responding to questions from newsmen who spoke with him recently.
Hon. Opiah frowned at the situation the APC chairman Hon. Cassidy Ohamalu decided to move the APC party office from Oguta to Ejemekwuru that is 32 kilometers from Oguta.
He reiterated that the move might create a situation where there will be APC party office Oguta and APC party office Ejemekwuru, which, according to him, will not augur well for APC.
Hon. Opiah described the Oguta APC as “a vehicle moving without particulars” and criticized the way and manner the APC Chairman was piloting the affairs of the party.
He called on the state chairman of the party to do something urgently to avert the looming problems in the APC in Oguta.
Hon. Opiah further stated that if APC party office is allowed to remain in Oguta, the gains to be realized will be enormous. He frowned at the situation where some appointees and House member (s) will use party platform to get appointments and later abandon the party office from where they got their appointments.

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