Worthless people worship idol – Archbishop

From  Emma Uwanekezi, Enugu

Irked by the pervading vices in the country, Archbishop G.I. Lasebikan of Ondo Anglican Diocese is asking whether the golden era of Nigeria is over.
The prelate posed the question when he delivered a sermon at the 3rd Session of the Sixteenth Synod of the Diocese of Enugu, held at Christ Redemption Church, Ogui New Layout, Enugu, recently.
Speaking on the theme, “The worthless idols men worship”, Most Rev. Lasebikan who is also the Dean Church of Nigeria, expressed disgust that in Nigeria today there are more devilish pastors and churches than genuine ones, adding that some of them fake miracles in their churches.
He warned against worshiping idols which he said were worthless, positing that “only worthless people worship worthless idols.”
He listed wealth, position, power, sex and cell phones as objects that promote idolatory.
“Even the little demon you are carrying in your pocket are objects of idolatory. Today, people are ashamed of carrying the Bible to church. They rather carry iPAD.  Is iPAD aholy book? These are things for which we have obsession instead of God,” he said.According to him, mundane things rather than God have become our masters and stage performances attract larger crowd than crusades and some females go as far as asking their “idols” to sign autographs on their breasts.
The archbishop said that anything that challenges the authority of God constitutes an idol, observing that Herod challenged the power of God and got eaten by worms.
He went further to illustrate the lure into iolatry, saying that idols such as money  leads to desire, which makes men perspire and after perspiring, they acquire, after which they expire. Christ is the only hope, he said.
The diocese launched a fund for its diagnostic centre at the Good Shepherd Specialist Hospital, Uwani, as well as the Diocesan Education Trust fund.
Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu was among the dignitaries that graced the occasion.

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