Before Imo gets submerged

The authorities in Imo state and Nigeria have been cautioned enough about possible flooding of the State in the future. But no anticipatory reaction has been noticed from any quarters about it.
When this may happen is not known as well as the scale of it. This gap in information left by weather forecasters gives the government reason to be indifferent to the danger. Nevertheless, we expect the threat of flooding to be anticipated with proper readiness and sensitivity for the eventuality. We must be prepared for it so that it does not take us unawares and cause more damage than we can bear.
One thing that can be done is to position the problem at the forefront of public discuss and awareness. This will enable ideas to be harnessed about the way to prevent the occurrence totally or to minimize its costs if it happens. The government must show concern first of all with its statements and actions that will in turn pull in public support in all shapes and forms. It is a matter that requires all hands on deck.
In matters of this nature government tends to underrate public support and action. But what the people can do to check flooding and erosion, is considerable and may not be matched by whatever government can single-handedly do. Public support must be mobilized by the government for enough impact to be made.
We are not impressed by the argument that the flooding is not peculiar to Imo state. If the whole world is drowning, our responsibility to ourselves is to make sure that we do not drown as well; to be the only people afloat and alive if possible. The argument should not be that everywhere is flooded and we can as well drown along with them. That is self-defeatist. Let us be seen to be doing something in Imo state in anticipation of the expected flooding. We must outdo others in this regard to save our people and area. There is a lot we can do as government and people about possible destruction of our state by flooding. The warning has timely and sufficient about this.

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