DPO preaches against drug abuse, cultism

A call has gone to youths and young adults to distant themselves from hard drugs for their good and that of the society.
Ahiazu Mbaise Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Superintendent of Police (SP) Danjuma Ragga, made the call while speaking on the dangers of narcotics. He described narcotics as a class of substance such as cocaine, heroin morphine, belladonna, opium or marijuana and alcohol that when taking in large quantity affects the brain, blunt the sense, produce euphoria, stupor or coma and if used constantly are usually dangerous and can cause habituation or addiction and that are used in medicine to relieve pain, sedation and induce sleep.
He stressed the need for moral and good family cultural values, responsible and good parenting, calling on parents and guardians to devote time for their children despite tight schedules and monitor their activities thoroughly to ward off negative peer group influence.
SP Danjuma harped on the need to intensify campaign against drug abuse and cultism in secondary and tertiary institutions which, he noted with chagrin, has become feeding ground for crimes and criminal activities.

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