I am not abnormal and should not be contained! (2)

The student was tired of drawing engines without seeing and touching or handling engines.  There was something in him that could only be inflamed by activity and the passion to create products.  Unfortunately the university lecturers and his project supervisors just wanted the usual do your course work and submit your research dissertation for defense and subsequent award of degree. This student did not want his study to end up in the university library bookshelf, but in the field.
Sometimes because of their extraordinary feats, the superiors of the precocious see them as a threat to their position.  They fear that their brilliance and innovative spirit could make the organization prefer them and possibly unseat them.  The precocious are not people on a mission to unseat their superiors, but a people who just want to be who they are or ought to be.  Sometimes the precocious are labeled people who cannot work under a leadership except when they are in charge.  This is another prejudice about them.  The truth is that the leadership does not understand them or is afraid of them and therefore does not know how to place them in positions or places that would enable them express themselves.  The overtly creative are not looking for authority or position, denying them of platforms to express themselves and the independence so to do, is to stop them from being productive and roll out products and services for the betterment of the organization.
Those who are exceptionally creative need managers and empathetic supervisors, not tamers.  They need managers to manage their precocity and passion which if left without a manager can consume them. Some precocious people left without managers and supervisors might end up as bad fathers and husbands, bad mothers and wives.  Some may not eat well and suffer from sleep depravity if left unchecked.  Some may practice poor hygiene, dressing and poor interpersonal relationships if left and isolated without trying to understand them.  Some of them are eventually labeled as freaks and this isolation might drive them to solitary life where depression and extreme psychosis sets in.  Our programs of helping the exceptionally gifted must not aim at nipping their giftedness in the bud.  If we continue to follow this approach, we breed societal rebels and people leaving the organization to start their own outfits, which to me is an atomization that would do us no good.

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