Woman gives birth in church

A pregnant woman who had come to worship with others at Christ Anglican Church, Owerri, Imo State, was recently delivered of a baby girl in church.
The woman, Mrs. Ijeoma (other names withheld), was attending the Wednesday mid-week fellowship of the church tagged Faith Clinic when labour set in.
According to reports, the woman had no sign of labour before she came for the praise worship and thanksgiving session, but midway into the service she became restless due to labour pains.
A nurse who works with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri (names withheld), sitting close to the pregnant woman noticed that she already had a ruptured membrane.
After closely examining the woman, she noticed that she was fully dilated and could no longer move.
The nurse rushed to her vehicle and picked her hand glove.
Some women in the church brought the pregnant woman outside in the field and formed a screen around her with their wrappers and the nurse took delivery of the baby at exactly 10.15a.m.
After delivery the nurses took the mother and baby to the Federal Medical Centre where she registered for further examination and observation.
Christ Church was agog as the worshippers went into praises and thanksgiving to God for the wonderful thing He did.
Commenting on the incident, the man of God in charge of Faith Clinic of Christ’s Church Owerri, Evangelist Christopher Elenmuo, said when he was notified of the strange behavour of the pregnant woman, he went to where she was sitting to pray for her.
On getting to the scene, he directed that the woman be taken to the FMC immediately. As people were taking her outside the church to where a car was parked, she was delivered of a bouncing baby girl.
Evangelist Elenmuo said that God has once more demonstrated His promise that no pregnant woman who attends Faith Clinic will have problem during delivery.
He remarked that if the woman had had signs, she couldn’t have come to the fellowship at all but added that it was God’s design to manifest his power to the people.

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