Christians, gay rights activists clash in Canada

Footage has emerged of a violent brawl that broke out between Christian demonstrators and LGBT activists in Calgary, Canada on Sunday.
The evangelistic ministry ‘Street Church’ group had gathered outside Calgary’s city hall to demonstrate in support of pro-life and anti-gay marriage activist Bill Whatcott, who faces a $104 million lawsuit after preaching at Toronto’s LGBT Pride event, according to CBC News.
The Christian assembly was then confronted by the Calgary Anti-Fascist Action group, an anti-discrimination organisation which reportedly began shouting at them.
Pushing and shoving soon ensued between rainbow flag-waving protestors and the Christian group adorned in red t-shirts that declare ‘Jesus is King’. Punches were thrown, several people were knocked to the floor and violence spilled out from the crowd out into the street outside the city hall.
Others tried to pacify the situation by restraining other protestors, one voice urged: ‘Stick to your areas, don’t talk about peace then do war.’ One vocal Christian demonstrator shouted ‘Jesus wants to save your soul’ in the faces of passers by. Despite some injuries, no one was hospitalised.
Detective Keith Silvester said: ‘Investigators will be looking into it, going over video…and if we deem that arrests are necessary, people will be arrested and charged.’
He added that the Christian group had a permit to demonstrate, and that police were not expecting a clash of protestors.
Calgary Anti-Fascist Action have been involved in altercations before: a hostile but not violent clash ensued in June against the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam.

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