Well done, FG

To finally separate Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) and Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) as school subjects directed recently by the federal government is a step in the right direction.
It puts to rest a volatile matter of a very delicate nature and grave concern that was needlessly introduced by people we call enemies of peace. The idea of teaching the two subjects together as one and imposing it on all students and pupils was politically dangerous. It was capable of causing religious conflict or a clash of the two religions.
The decision was decisive, timely, forthright, satisfying, fulfilling and reassuring to people of the Islamic, Christian and all other faiths.
IRK and CRK (Religious Knowledge, RK) together as one school subject presumes that the teacher or lecturer would know the two religions as to be able to teach them with balance and without bias. Religious knowledge (RK) as one subject will be too cumbersome to handle. The teacher and the student would have virtually impossible grounds to cover. The subject will be sophisticated for the Nigerian political and school systems.
That was a sound and proactive way to handle religious issues in this country. Religion without doubt stings and is a matter to be dreaded any day in this country. For that reason the Constitution calls Nigeria a secular state, which does not make it irreligious and to do away with the study and practice of religion totally.
We are sure Nigerians welcome the separation of CRK and IRK. It will make sense as well not to attempt to impose or prevent the teaching of any of the subjects anywhere. They should be electives at all levels of the school system so that the contentious accusation of total Islamisation of the country will not ever arise on account of that.

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