Brexit deal may not pull through – Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury is warning the chances of reaching a Brexit deal within the two-year deadline are ‘infinitesimally small’.
Justin Welby said unless certain decisions were taken ‘off the political table’ the UK risked leaving the European Union without a trade deal.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has called for a forum to debate Brexit away from the House of Commons’ chamber.
A Remain voter, Welby has called for a cross-party commission to achieve consensus on Brexit negotiations and draw the ‘poison’ from the debate.
He warned of ‘literally thousands of separate agreements’ that need to be reached as well as the ‘huge political decisions’ such as membership of the single market and customs union.
‘If each one of those has to be argued as a point of confidence on the floor of the House of Commons, the chance of getting this done in what’s now roughly 18 months is infinitesimally small,’ he told the BBC’s Todayprogramme.
‘Can the politicans not put at the front of their minds the needs of the United Kingdom to come out with a functional, working system for Brexit?’
He urged parliamentarians to ‘agree that certain things are off the political table and will be decided separately in an expert commission’.
Welby was speaking from Sudan, where he led the inauguration of a new Anglican province on Sunday with Ezekiel Kondo Kumir Kuku the country’s first archbishop.

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