Dismemberment not the answer … But we need to discuss our oneness, says Rev. Yamsat

Nigeria’s oneness has been described as its greatest strength and the reason why other nations fear it.
A leading cleric in the country, Rev. Prof. Pandang Yamsat, who spoke recently to Christian Voice in Owerri, said that any dismemberment of the country would result in other nations subduing the fragments easily either militarily or economically.
The Jos, Plateau State-based cleric who was in Owerri, Imo State for the Langham Expository Bible training of preachers at the instance of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri, affirmed his belief in Nigeria’s oneness but added “we need to discuss this oneness.”
“Outside countries are afraid of the big Nigeria.  I believe in unity in diversity. Every part of the country has its uniqueness which benefits the entire nation.  But we ought to listen to each other,”   he said.
Prof. Yamsat emphasized the need for Christians to find out God’s way for Nigeria, and buttressed his belief in oneness with the bible quotation that says “two are better than one.”
According to him, the crave by Muslims to Islamize Nigeria is real and asked the mission of the so-called herdsmen down South.
What are they doing here?  They are not looking for grass because there is enough of it up north.  In the South, there are forests”, he said.
He said that, in the past, their sojourn in the South was short-lived, after which they returned to the North, but today, they have come to stay in the South and their activities appear intractable.
Prof. Yamsat regretted that Christian politicians have no plans to educate the people and have resorted to playing politics the worldly way, while their Muslim counterparts play theirs based on the Koran.
He feared that under this situation, the Christians might be subdued if they refused to play in God’s own way-based on the Bible.
The preacher trainer, who also runs an NGO, Centre for Value and Attitudinal Reawakening (CVAR), said that no nation rises to greater heights without values.
He, therefore, advocated the reawakening of Nigeria’s rich values and a change in the present situation where most Nigerians have lost their values and are running after money.

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