Group trains preachers in Owerri

By Gid Ahanonu

A week-long Bible teaching and gospel preaching training for pastors and evangelists of the Christian faith was rounded off last Friday at the Good Shepherd Centre Uzii Mission compound Owerri, Imo State.
The programme which was organised by the Langham Expository Bible training group was aimed at training pastors on the best method of preaching.
Disclosing these facts, the leader of the facilitators, Rev. Prof. Pandang Yamsat, stated that they started the programme since 2004, and have carried it out in several areas in the country adding that it is an international programme with overseas links.
On the progress they made since inception, Prof. Yamsat remarked that the preaching styles of the clergy who had participated in their teaching have changed to the extent that some churches usually send their evangelist to them for teaching before their ordination.
He also stated that some worshippers testify of the excellent work of the group for exposing their pastors to be vast in the scriptures. He said that preaching should not focus on entertaining the congregation but on preaching to transform the society.
He also stated that the organization encourages ecumenism as they deal with every other Christian religious body as church of Jesus Christ should be one, but not at the expense of the true gospel since “oneness” is not the same as “uniformity”
On the challenges confronting the organization, Prof Yamsat listed finance as number one.
He also said that, initially, some churches found it difficult to accept them, believing that they knew it all.
He, however, commended the Anglican Diocese of Owerri and Bishop Cyril Okorocha, who is a national patron of the Langham group, for being very active and practical as well as zealous in the ministry.
More than 12 facilitators from across the country participated in the training. Among the facilitators are: Rev Can. Ishaya Baba, Bro Emeka Egbo, Pastor Benibo Tamunobere, Rt. Rev. Ralph Okafor and Rt. Rev. Jwan Zhumbes.
Ven. Zion Ngoka, a Langham scholar, also participated.

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