Revisit 2014 confab report – Ohanaeze

The John Nwodo-led Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo has called on the National Assembly to take another look at the 2014 constitutional conference.
In a statement Thursday and signed by Ohanaeze President General, John Nwodo, said it had expected the Senate to put the report into consideration before passing its constitutional amendment bills.
The Pan Igbo group said it is disappointed on the position of the Senate on the issue of power devolution to the States.
The Senate had rejected the idea in the past.
Ohanaeze said though it is aware of the long process of the constitutional amendment , it is not comfortable that as representatives of the people, the legislators are unable to gauge the desires of the people and the nation correctly.
It advised that rather than go into constitutional amendment at this time of the mood of the country is heading towards restructuring, the National Assembly should have bothered itself with making necessary legislative enactment to convene a national conference for real constitutional drafting.
“The barrage of voices in this country lately shows clearly that majority of Nigerians are desirous of the country running a true federal system and one expected the Senate to have appreciated this in all their actions, especially in constitutional amendment.
“Any action whether legislative or executive in this country today that is not programmed to respond to the yearnings of the populace will amount to exercise in futility,” the statement read.

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