Diaspora Nigerians waiting as ethnicity and resources sets Nigeria ablaze

By Francis John USA

This is a very sensitive matter that requires urgent, continuous, proactive intervention, call to order of all participants regardless of context, content, and consent. If geopolitical-ethnic-leaders, clerics, politicians, military and traditional rulers have not started vehemently condemning actions and reactions from early warning signs, pungent smell and smokes are inevitable and enviable, and being propagated in uncensored social media disparities. Supposedly, all parties and stakeholders have failed. It’s time to give Diasporas a chance to Caterpillar Nigeria forward in such an indecisive volatile insinuation spreading fast and widely. Too many fingers pointed out, internally, externally and internationally, regardless, who is responsible! Notwithstanding, social media has its ups and downs, playing significant roles in uncensored information dissemination globally but because of the quest for information, garbage in and garbage out is acceptable, either has cracked down on numerous countries, namely Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Venezuela to mention a few. Many countries are wisely using Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram for capacity building and economic development, while the third world, developing countries is using it despicably. Recently Mark Zuckerberg reviewed his mission to include connecting communities as to connect friends. Irrespective of Nigerians perception of the Facebook Statement, Nigerians are burning their hands; likewise killing themselves, incurring abject abhorrence. Nigeria remains indifferent from either of these countries and must change its attitude from “divide and rule” embedded in every nook and crannies of the country before independence to date. Hence, what makes our case worst and uninteresting to the international communities, its like, we are fellow-follow zombies, unable to challenge leadership but gossip around its leaderships and praise worship looting/looters. Similarly, taking place in African countries such as Republic Congo, Sierra Leon, South Africa – heavy mineral embedded nations, very divided across resources lines, resulting in continuous casualties. Unmanageable traces of this equivalence are beginning to manifest into provocative idiosyncrasies. From these illustrations, can these be translated to every Nigerian is just sick of the multitude of manipulations and fake promises from our wealth and fortunes. Mesmerized by a few selves baked, selfish, disgruntled individuals’ trickery using ethnicity, resources, faith, and education to set Nigeria ablaze, instead of twining strongly.
Unbelievable and uncivilized but true, identified autocrats hide funds in odd places; pit toilets, cemeteries, isolated and dilapidated buildings, airport premises, farmhouses, sock away, arctic, galvanized tanks, dungeons, basements, etc. The renowned educated but stacked illiterates, privileged Nigerians that visited, lived, worked and studied in abroad, yet to compromise logics with realities of life, to genuinely serve and generously giving back. It’s coming very fast, pay attention, with all these foregoing, funding agencies are smartly cutting down services with the prevalence of turning their backs at Nigeria soon because of self-aggrandizements without compunction.
It’s insane to acclaim the love for fraudulent wealth is magnificent and seen as an acceptable lifestyle, showing off, competing, marrying, divorcing, spending excessively on girls, buying them lofty home, overseas accompanies, while siblings and children studies abroad. Hence, grudgingly pay in arrears: housemaids, security guards, workers, etc. Is this life worth living around these hullabaloos? Monkey dey work baboon dey chop, according to Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Nigerians are “suffering and smiling’, ‘act like a zombie’, ‘follow – follow’, ‘water no get enemy’ and vagabond in power’ – VIP. His contemporary, Sonny Okosun, Fire in Soweto burning all my people, invariable rephrased to Fire Burning Nigeria. Currently, Monkey sees – Monkey do is what their families are practicing. Thereby paving ways to implant families in strategic positions come 2019 polls. Cumulatively, peace has never been the path of downtrodden gangsters-cabals, even after when Nigerians imbibe civilized culture, again unpatriotic, to develop giving back to communities and society; clearly confirming unattained human spirit. Imagine the world full of these kinds of rulers. Collectively Nigeria must be proactive to end this saga and take back its country in the next poll. The call for the peaceful exit of Southeast from Nigeria was a result of insistence provocative threats masterminded, by Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu’s leadership, became unstoppable and supported by umpire regionalists. It appears, received blessings of eminent regional folks. Altogether, took the silence of the north for granted, even then northern heavy wigs remained nonchalant for a minute for peaceful co-existence to reign. Porous holes from IPOB’s insinuations illuminated the Arewa Youths anger because they had enough repetitions; “Kill everyone in the Zoo” (North), calling other ethnic groups all sorts of names and threatening them with ferocious extermination. Particularly the Yorubas and Hausa /Fulani from the South West and the North respectively, to open declaration of the amassing of arms and forceful total shutdown of the entire Southeast. The disturbed five (5) Arewa youth leaders representing similar organizations: Amb. Shettima Yerima, Joshua Viashman, Aminu Adam, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman and Nastura Ashir Sharif converged in Kaduna to enumerate and broadcasted their stand tactical, while tempering justice with mercy. Their actions and reactions became the game changer. Immediately, dialogues kicked in, to negotiate the October deadline of Igbo’s peaceful exit among other historical and lingering issues not limited to betrayals and killings of eminent northerners. The knowledgeable representatives, powered by perseverance will not stop following all due processes legitimately, contacted the presidency, local and international stakeholders. Significantly, asking for Igbo’s peaceful exit. No fights, No wars! Hence, either parties’ early warning sign was overlooked, now yielding to a problematic volcanic eruption, ignored, neglected, unattended from time immoral to date. As much as well-meaning Nigerians have been abroad, so are the yearning youths versatile and exposed management and functional overseas, gaining experience from hospitalities, equitable treatments, and enjoying residency and citizenships, including fair treatments as immigrants, aliens, minorities, with access benefits in a timely manner. They wish Nigeria same. The time is now! Over the years, we as a nation, have been misrepresented, manipulated and abused by crookest-politicians and military dictators, clerics and traditional rulers, including international communities. Nigeria, this is a wakeup call as youths have tasted puddings globally and expect nothing less at home. To no avail, Boko Haram masterminded. Relief materials mismanaged. Oil bunkering and vandalization are increasing. Either incidence is barbaric, adding negative tendencies to the country. Now is the time to the reaffirm, retrace the Nigerians amalgamation, and otherwise posterity will never forgive us! All youths must down tools, sort out differences,face the music and keep the country out of smokes and flames, either is too hot to handle, most especially for the sake of elders, widow and the most vulnerable. Some Diaspora Nigerians in different spheres of the world gathered, critically reviewed antecedents with empathy and compassion, and agreed to offer free mentoring and healing programs to warring groups and as needed, as such, give Diasporas a chance! If Nigeria must separate, better did peacefully, vote/referendum to get full acceptance, purposefully to shame war aggressive agitators and graciously show the world, what we pitifully learned from the world’s agonies in separations. Adverse outcomes are never going to be part of a civilized generation as ours. This is not the time to apportion who is right or wrong. We must collectively solicit continuous peace and tranquility with dignity and respect for each other. Stakeholders, Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs, Technocrats, and intellects must urgently meet to address this menace immediately; bring warring parties to United States. All interested in keeping Nigeria United, let us now come to a consensus with this writer; suggest a date, venue, and participation. There’s no compromise to salvaging Nigeria while guiding against “Things Fall Apart” – Chinua Achebe, as we respect his eminence postulates, an Eloquent Unifier Elder statesman and Dan-Masaninin Kano, Alhaji Yusuf Maitama-Sule “I have a dream that someday Nigeria is going to be a better place”. In the midst of surpluses, we are required to have enough for everyone and for the rest of the world, equivalence to qualitative management and egalitarian distribution of resources in a timely manner with options. Google and digest “What is Life About – Inspirational Speech by Fearless Soul” Terry Kellman, May 12, 2016. This could retrace, retract and twine Nigeria strongly.

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