Nigeria’s democracy is a sham – Town Union leader

A leading town union leader in Imo State has strongly criticised the democratic system in Nigeria, saying that it was not the true democracy.
Chief Emeka Diwe, President of Orlu Zurumee Socio-Cultural Organisation, said that the system in Nigeria is by coercion and the field of politics is left to never-do-wells in the society.
Chief Diwe, who spoke to newsmen recently in Owerri, Capital of Imo State, said that people of questionable characters are elected into offices simply because they have the money to “buy” their victory at the polls.
He advocated that the electorate should shun the money bags and called for the adoption of Igbo town union process of electing leaders.
According to him, town unions operate true democracy and, in the end, elect credible leaders.
Diwe, who is also the President of Town Unions South East Geo-political Zone, regretted the recent face off between
Igbos and the Northerners, recalling that people from the East and those in the North had smooth relationships.
He blamed the soiled relations on ethnicity and religion, saying that after the civil war, the North welcomed back the Igbos with open arms.
He said that the much touted restructuring has its good and bad sides, and doubted that Nigerians would be able to get the favourable restructuring given that some of the elite had enjoyed 80% of the oil wealth for years and would be reluctant to let go.
According to him, Biafra agitation arose as a result of marginalization, saying that unless the lopsided creation of states and local government is addressed the agitations will continue.

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