The Ozubulu Church killings

Killers and gunmen targeting places of Christian worship in Nigeria have become far too many. This may not be like others.
There is no reason for churches to be so frequently targeted other than that they are where people are most physically defenseless. The attackers do not risk anything. The attacked cannot return fire. So the evil people take that undue advantage.
Have we gotten to the stage in this country where places of worship are no longer absolutely safe for people on Sundays? Will people be going to Sunday services thinking twice about their safety and wondering whether they will return alive? That will be an intolerable development. And it will be resisted in all ways possible.
With this latest incident, safety in places of Christian worship all over Nigeria has to become a priority challenge for both the Christian laity and clergy until the matter is well taken care of. Of course prayers about this have also to be ceaseless and continuous in every Christian home or gathering as prayer is our most potent weapon and defense in all circumstances as Christians.
The government’s role cannot be overstated. Its follow-up moves, meant to reassure people about their safety when they go to church everywhere in the country, have to be unmistakable.
We applaud the speed with which suspects have been apprehended.  While investigation continues, the important thing, as Governor Obiano of Anambra has said, is to prevent anymore occurrences in the future. To do this the motives of the gunman have to be unearthed. How was his weapon obtained?  How was it transported? What crimes will he be charged with? What is the punishment? We want to know what is being done to make this the very last of such incidents.
We condemn the cruel killings entirely. We sympathize deeply with all those affected – the dead, the wounded, their relations, the church in Ozubulu and the government and people of Anambra State.

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