Udodiri Ndom Owere honours Patron Anukam

By Gid Ahanonu

The newly elected officers of Udodiri Ndom Owere, last Wednesday paid a courtesy visit to their grand patron, Chief Sir Christian Oweaya Anukam (Agbawodike Izu) in his Owerri residence after going round the villages and landed him on his achievements as a good patron.
The group, comprising state and national officers, led by their President general, Mrs. Stella Amadi, stated that they came to identify with him as their grand patron, for his contribution towards the development of the organization, and to assure him of their intention to lead the women of Owere aright by sustaining the peaceful nature of their organistion.
Earlier in his remarks, Chief oweaya Anukam, who was the former president general of Owere Communities Assembly (OCA) appreciated the women for the honour they accorded him through their visit.
In his own words, “I am the happiest man in Owere today” seeing that you conducted your elections based on the rotatory formula I established for your organization since eleven years ago,” and still going on with the name Udodiri Ndom Owere.
According to him, the leadership position which started with Umuororonjo to Amawom, Umuodu, Umuonyeche and Oyima villages has returned to Umuororonjo at the end of the rotation cycle peacefully.
He advised the women’s president and her team to be holding executive meetings to discuss important issues before general meetings in order to carry everybody along and never to allow the men to dictate terms for them, rather they should demand some benevolence from them as he facilitated the erection of skills acquisition building complex for them to serve as legacy binding them together.
He urged them to shun collective political participation.
“You should make money with the edifice as I have no intention to sell it but to hand it over to you at the appropriate time, “he said.  He assured the women of his full support in their programmes.
Some of the principal officers of Udodiri Ndom Owere are Mrs. Stella Amadi – President General; Mrs. Chinyere Egerue Vice President and Mrs. Joy Ekeocha – General Secretary, for the National positions.  While the state president generals are Mrs. Augustina Oparaugo for (Umuororonjo), Lolo Ihuaku Osuji (Amawom); Mrs. Stella Chukwueke (Umuonyeche); Mrs. Felicia Anoruo (Umuodu); and Mrs. Florence Ucheoma (Umuoyima).

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