Beef security in Owerri

The safety and security of Owerri city is getting highly disturbing again.
Reliable sources tell us that robbers have currently massed unhindered along Owerri-Port Harcourt, and perhaps other, highways leading into the city since the rains intensified, committing their havoc.
They forcefully discharge travelers on the road, rob them clinically, undeterred, and take those of them they believe have ‘kidnap-value’ into the bush and start calling their people to come and pay and release them.
Travelers have been moving in fear and do not hope to reach their destinations in safety for a long time now.
We do not know if the police have got wind of this development.
Some analysts link this with the heavy rains which the police are not equipped for. The police abandon their duty posts while marauders take them up obstructing motorists and cleaning out travelers of their valuables.
This is the first time the rains, apart from flooding the whole place, constitute an aid to dangerous elements.
What the government and the authorities can quickly do is to simply distribute rain coats and boots to policemen everywhere and have them manning the roads permanently.
This shows us that every season of the year has its own costs and  a way of giving advantage to criminals. There is no big deal for the police knowing about this and dealing with it. The police cannot succeed without intelligence and a sense of anticipation of this nature.
Let police authorities take the battle against criminals more seriously.  They need to provide all that it takes to police our roads without further delay.  Police on patrol duties on our highways should also be adequately encouraged to boost their morale.

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