Okorocha, IPOB trade blows

Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have said that the organization is fighting to free the people of South East from slavery which the leaders had led them into.
IPOB was hitting back at Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State who accused the group of deceiving the people by its activities.
The governor had urged Igbos not to be fooled by the IPOB leader who, he said, was misleading them.
In a statement issued by Chinasa Nworu of IPOB’s Directorate of State, the group, which has been campaigning for the restoration of the state of Biafra through a referendum, stated: “it is our human right to fight for freedom”.
The statement went further to say that IPOB would pay the governor in “the right coin when the time comes”.
Nworu, in the statement, described the IPOB mission as divine, and that they cannot be distracted.
He stated that contrary to the statement of the governor, IPOB members are not insane, neither are they war mongers, adding, “it is unfortunate, when we talk about freedom through the ballot box you term it a call for war.”
The group accused the governor of sabotaging efforts to restore Biafra and blackmailing their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, while calling them irresponsible people and now “deceivers”.
They insisted on a referendum, claiming that IPOB controls over 40 million Biafrans worldwide and that IPOB presence is felt in over 150 countries.
The group challenged the governor to show to the public the projects he  accomplished that benefited the people of the state in his eight years as governor, besides building roundabouts.
Gov Okorocha, through a release by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, had stated that no sane person would talk of division in Nigeria, and that IPOB activities would only result to loss of trillions of property and assets owned by Ndigbo in the country.
He likened what was happening to the Igbo experience during the civil war when Igbos believed that Ohafia warriors would crush the Nigerian soldiers.
“Now, we are being deceived that IPOB will drive away Nigeria and give us Biafra”, he said, lamenting that pastors and leaders are not speaking out against it.