Bishop berates ‘business people’ ‘… You have no time for God’s word’

The Word of God is incredibly real and capable of multiplying, possessing and making people to live above forces of darkness and spiritual warfare such as the case of temptation of Jesus by the Devil.
The Rt. Rev. Joseph Musa, Bishop of Idah Anglican Diocese, reiterated this at the Power Night vigil programme of the Diocese of Abuja held at the Basilica of Grace Church, Gudu District Apo, Abuja.  He, however, regretted that people, especially business people, do not have regard for God’s word.
He said the potency in the Word of God can penetrate anything because the word is Jesus, the wondrous miracle worker. The Word of God, according to Bishop Musa, is powerful more than a two-edged sword, it is life, supreme, powerful breath of God, incorruptible, prophetic and changes destiny. He said the Word of God must be spoken at all times. He added that any man that wants to survive and succeed in life must speak the Word of God and believe it to the extent that he can use it to resist the devil for the devil to flee before him.
Rt. Rev. Joe Musa opined that it is time for believers to rise and imbibe the Word of God, know it with a view to releasing it; adding that the word must be obeyed to enhance believability and faith.
The Bishop of Idah diocese, however, said that for all these to be achieved, prayer and righteousness must be the pivot stand, to be highly inspired.
He said it is unfortunate that people no longer read the Word of God, they have no time for the word, especially the business people who he said,  are too tired to pray talk less of reading the Bible. He added there is power in the Word of God, so it must be spoken and applied.
Bishop, Musa, who quoted profusely from the Bible, said any word that God says must be believed and the battle is won when the word is settled in the spiritual realm. He reinforced the supreme power of God to say that no power, no might of the people can change situation, but the only solution is the spirit of God coming down ceaselessly from heaven to unravel knotty issues and free people from shackles of oppression. The preacher said there can be no miracle without a true relationship with God. He made an altar call and people trooped out. There were declarations, decrees and deliverances. Many souls were touched by God. People professed with their mouth accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
Bishop Musa taught them the next line of action after accepting Jesus. He prayed for them that they are freed, they are victorious and heaven bound.
The Basilica of Grace Church was filled to capacity with people sitting, learning the Word of God and praying under the canopies outside, provided by the church.
It was a night to remember to the glory of God.

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