Stop lamenting over huge pension bills – Cleric tells IMSG

By Vincent Osuji

Authorities of the Imo State Government have been advised not to lament over the huge pension’s bill in the state.
An Anglican Clergyman in Owerri, Rev. Can. Chukwudum Onwuka, who dropped the advice recently, however, commended the government for commencing payment of 100 percent pensions as the retirees had been seen beaming with smiles.
According to Rev. Onuka, the governor had promised to follow up with clearance of three months’ arrears.
He expressed hope in the exercise as government had uncovered some fraudulent practices in the pension’s office.
The cleric observed that pensions are deductions made while the workers were working and the more the workers grew in population the greater the deductions.
“There should, therefore, be no justification in complaining when it is time to pay them pensions and gratuities which, in fact, should be paid with interest in the real sense of it, from accrued commission over the period, Rev. Onwuka said.
He said that civil service rules provide that the workers be paid their terminal benefits without delay.
“It is like insurance policy that should not be denied the contributors whether or not there is increase in the wage bill”, he stated.
Scripturally, he said, it is sinful not to pay workers or retirees their entitlements ins even more ungodly to wish them early death, adding that no government can be vindicated for using salaries and terminal benefits of workers to build roads and other infrastructure.

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