Pastor, wife confirmed as victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

A Texas family are grieving the loss of a devoted Christian couple during Hurricane Harvey which swept through the state last week.
Pastor Donald Ray Rogers and his wife of more than 20 years, Spenceria, died as they were trying to check in on his uncle.
Rogers was the pastor of Tabernacle of Faith Christian Center in Katy, a small city just west of Houston.
He was travelling in a truck with Spenceria when they reached a flooded road that they thought they would be able to pass through, according to Fox26.
However, their vehicle became stuck.  Spenceria was able to call 911 from Rogers’ phone, according to their daughter Naomi Dabney.  But tragically, first responders were unable to reach them in time.
‘My mom, she was able to call 911 from my dad’s phone,’ said Dabney. ‘That’s how they were able to pinpoint the location that they were at, but being the area that they were in that was so far, they couldn’t get to them in time.’
She added: ‘It’s a lot to have to bury one parent, but being that we have to bury both parents at one time, it’s unimaginable.’
As Texas rebuilds in the wake of the devastating hurricane, the family of Donald and Spenceria are planning a memorial for the couple they remember as always being kind and living to serve others.
Daughter Lakesha Rogers said: ‘No matter what they were going through, they never had a frown on their face.’
She is clinging to a special memory – a photo that was taken with her parents and her husband when they went round to check on them the day before the accident.
‘The day before the accident happened, we had a picture of the four of us, mom and dad, my husband and I and I mean, I’m just going to cherish that forever because we don’t normally just go over to their homes and just start taking pictures, but there is something that just clicked in or minds saying that this is a day that we need to cherish this moment,’ she said.
A memorial service was being planned for Saturday at Parkway Fellowship Church in Richmond.

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