Primate’s wife stresses obedience for women

Wife of the Primate, Anglican Communion, Mrs. Nkasiobi Okoh, has emphasized the need for women to obey God and authorities on earth according to the word of God.
Mrs. Okoh spoke at the Sister’s Guild Conference held at the Church of Holy Cross, Wuye Abuja, recently.
She said that women who obey God and read the bible will obey government so that the country will move forward.
“The word obedience is very apt, good and powerful but it is a pity that people of the world do not want to hear the word “obedience”, she said
The Primate’s wife stressed the need for a woman to be submissive and prayerful, committing her husband to God.
She condemned the high rate of divorce as it is one of the battles the Devil wages on the world, but added that if people relate more to God, divorce rate will reduce.
She lamented that men today wait until they acquire cars, houses and lots of money before they get married, believing that this would make the women respect them.
“I don’t think the women want big houses; that would not make them to respect the man.  If the man is a man of God, I believe that this is what will make the woman to respect him”, she said.

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