Deficit in our urban renewal

Much has been heard about the urban renewal program of the government of Imo state. And this has precluded small but essential needs of the masses.
You will pity people looking for where to urinate or go to toilet in any of our urban areas. In the rural areas one can simply go inside the bush to hide and ease him or her self. But this is not so in the city. In either place it is more embarrassing for women. How wholesome and complete can the renewal plan be without the government providing easy, decent and modern disposal of human waste in the manner civilized societies do?   Renewal, rural or urban must consider the needs of people, especially the vulnerable, helpless, the weak and those who need assistance to move on the road. Rather than have this as primary aim in urban renewal the obstacles created by the renewal exercise are making things very difficult for this class of people who want to find a place to even urine. Those who want to use the lavatory are in much more trouble. This ought to be well taken care of before anything else.
Our suspicion and regret is that no master plan had been used to embark on the past and current urban renewals. If this had been done, it presupposes conferring with the public and dreaming together with them about the renewal everybody wants. It would have advised phasing the program to make it more orderly and financially realistic. There would be no need for another renewal soon after due to mistakes, which is what is happening right now. All past governments had,  in this regard, relied on their personal judgment without taking the people along, making it necessary for subsequent ones to knock away what they did to begin their own.
Attention is not being given to the providing of public conveniences within easy reach of people. Multifarious public conveniences not only in the city but also in the village must be part of the renewal going on. The people want places to ease themselves everywhere as we have it in every modern society today. We lag so much behind in things like that!

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