Enugu Diocesan Men’s Fellowship ends conference with thanksgiving

By Emma Uwanekezi

The Christian Men’s Fellowship conference of the Anglican Diocese of Enugu has ended with a thanksgiving service at the Anglican Church of Resurrection New Era, Achara Layout, venue of the conference.
Delivering a sermon at the service, the Archbishop and Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma OON, reflected on the travails of South Easterners in Nigeria and declared: “we are more than conquerors.”
He stressed on the theme of the conference which was taken from Psalm 33:20 and stating, “wait in hope for the Lord.”
“We thank God for this church for at the end, we are more than conquerors. Before Paul started God’s evangelism, he was a persecutor of Christians before he became persecuted. Afflictions spiritually and physically are what Christians will face but after all, they will remain more than conquerors”, he said.
Paul, he reminded the congregation, fled and survived all those afflictions because he became more than a conqueror, adding that when one becomes more than a conqueror, the weapons of his warfare will no longer be carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.
The prelate continued: “As Christians, our weapons are no more physical but spiritual. Many of us have lost our weapons. The weapon is the BIBLE.
He, however, regretted that one of the things killing Christianity today is ICT and observed that most people do not come to church anymore with their Bibles but cell phones.
“Whatever we are passing through today in the South-East, be it operation Python dance or whatever, to us children of God, we are more than conquerors. Upon all what Paul suffered, he had no weapon. He was strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Likewise, he admonished Christians to be strong not in the flesh or bullet but in the power of His might. Whatever Buhari and his Islamic powers are doing, we shall not bow down to them. All you need is to fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses”, the outspoken Archbishop said.
Archbishop Chukwuma said that for Christians to become more than conquerors, they must live by faith and fight this battle spiritually.
He urged the Army to carry their “Python Dance” to Sambisa forest, Benue and Jos where cattle herdsmen are daily killing farmers, adding; “here in the East, we are not at war”.
“Python Dance”, he said,  is a call for war and that the proscription of IPOB cannot solve the problems in Nigeria, which are that there are no jobs for school leavers, no electricity, high fuel prices, among others.
He said that the nation must first talk about what induces hate speech, which is hate action and wondered why is there no service chief from the South East. He also cited recent appointments in the country and concluded that the South East is completely marginalized.
The Archbishop said that Ogboni, Freemason and the like will not save us. “The only thing we can do is to follow Christ with our cross; that is the only way we can be more than conquerors. This conference shall not be in vain. Nothing shall separate us from the Word of God. No death, No hate, No Python Dance can stop us. We shall be more than conquerors in Jesus Name, Amen!”

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