IPOB threat: Restructure now, lawyer tells FG

A Professor of Strategy and Development, Anthony Kila, has said that for Nigeria to effectively handle the agitations in parts of the country, especially the east, restructuring is an alternative.
While speaking during a press conference organised by the Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies in Lagos, Kila stated that the government needs to make up its mind if it was truly worried about members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
“If truly government is worried about the IPOB, the government should make up its mind. If the government feels the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct and that is where they stand, and they feel that Mr IPOB is a minority, they need to prove it.
“They need to mobilise the non-IPOB people to raise up their voice either through a referendum or any kind of consultation. What if the IPOB man is a majority, they need to deal with that.
“It is not enough to tell people “shut up and behave yourself.” If people say this is what they want, you need to prove there is an alternative to them or show them the consequences of what they want.
“I think Nigeria needs to restructure. Restructuring is a national issue, a constitutional issue, it is a sovereign issue. It is not a government issue, it goes beyond the government,” he added.
Kila’s comment comes four days after a clash between the soldiers and IPOB members.

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