Christ’s Church Archdeaconry Owerri -Set for Synod

By  Vincent Osuji

Good news for the synod. The Vicar and Archdeacon in charge of Christ’s Church Archdeaconry Owerri, Venerable Zion Ngoka, has been giving signals that it will be a life-transforming synod all through.
Christian Voice authoritatively gathered that the church is not just prepared, but full of optimism that this year’s  synod will be more glorious and bountiful. The synod kicks off next week Thursday 5, October and ends on Sunday October 8, 2017. They shared their views and expectations.
Venerable Zion Ngoka (Archdeacon, Christ’s Church Archdeaconry Owerri)
This year’s synod is an epoch event. It is the 20th synod of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri.  Originally Christ’s Church has been hosting synod, we are trusting that this year will be one of the best. We are prepared to give the best to all the synod delegates both spiritually and physically. Spiritually, we have planned A -3- Day Power Packed Pre-Synod Gospel Outreach, so that people are not coming to the synod just for gathering, they are coming so that they will be blessed, be renewed and revitalized. Physically, hosting of synod in Christ’s Church is a blessing. It is not a burden as people think. It brings physical development, and we have found out that we can repair our church which has been leaking for over four to five years. It will interest you to note that the spirit of getting ready for the synod has prepared us to get the church ready, including our old hall, which the women of this church supported by the Christ’s Church people has remodeled to be one of the best in the Diocese, to accommodate the synod programmes. So all these things are blessings given to us because the synod is coming to Christ’s Church.
I also want to thank God for the support, and the spirit of oneness, coupled with the structured understanding of what the ministry is all about for all the pastors working in the Archdeaconry. It has been wonderful. I think we are ready for the synod, and it is going to be one of the best for the Bishop and to all the delegates.
We sincerely want to thank our Lord Bishop, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha PhD, the Anglican Bishop of Owerri, for choosing Christ’s Church Owerri, to host the synod. God will bless him with fresh understanding, that his ministry will be indelible in the history of Christianity in Owerri area. We are wishing him and Mama Owerri all the blessings which God can give to those who serve Him deligently.
Sir Ndukwe Nnawuchi (SAN), Chairman, Synod Local Organizing Committee.
I am delighted that Christ’s Church Archdeaconry is hosting this year synod, we give thanks to God.
It is my expectations that the synod will be more spiritual than physical. It will interest you to note that the last time we hosted the synod was in 2010, and the synod brought with it a lot of spiritual upliftment   to the Anglican faithful in this diocese, and we expect much more in terms of spiritual benefits.  To our lord Bishop, we have been praying for him. This is one of the most important synod for him and the theme is such that everyone shall spend time to be part of the synod in order to reap the benefit of the spiritual teaching.
Dr. Lady Pamela Njemanze
God helping us, this year synod is going to be the best so far. I know it is going to be another glorious one. So much work has been done, everybody is happy and excited that the synod has come back to Owerri Diocese.  And, again, as usual, we are assured our Lord Bishop, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha, PhD, is going to give us a wonderful presidential address. It is my prayer that God will continue to see him through.
Hon. Benjamin Njiribeako (KSC)
I am happy the synod is coming to Christ’s Church Archdeaconry Owerri. I want to assure Nigerians, and especially the Christian faithful, that this synod is a reviving one, spiritually and the gathering of Christians. We thank God we are hosting the synod, it is going to be an eye opening for Christians to come and worship. To our Lord Bishop, he is wonderful. By his spiritual strength, he has be guiding us in Christ Church, and everything is working out well. God will continue to bless him… amen.
Mrs. Chizo Ngoka (Christ’s Church Archdeacon’s wife)
I want to bless the name of the Lord that this year synod is coming to Christ’s Church Archdeaconry Owerri. We expect that the word of God as it comes first, will really make people to guard the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and live it out, so that we can face the present situation in the country.
I have no doubt that come 5th of October that the glory of God will descend, starting with the pre-synod crusade that kicks off on 3rd of October, 2017. And to our Lord Bishop, Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha, PhD, it is our prayer that God will give him the strength and enablement to deliver the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, as he has always be doing.
Architecture ChimaMejuru
The synod will be one of the best in this diocese. We are connived that many souls will be drawn to God through this synod. Remember, Jesus Christ has earlier commissioned us to this very task of soul wining, so, it is my belief that this synod is geared towards that. To my Lord Bishop, he has done well. Since his inception as Bishop of Owerri Diocese, many pagans have turned to Christ, a lot of churches has been planted, and evangelism has been on top gear. We pray that God Almighty will continue to bless him.
Mr. Sunny Olisakwe
I am expecting a beautiful synod, good weather, and that God will touch His people, attend to our individual needs, as we gather to pray and worship Him.
With the level of preparation going on, I am optimistic that this synod will transform the lives of people. I want to thank our Lord Bishop, for his wisdom, and to our Archdeacon, Venerable Zion Ngoka. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless them.
Rev. Godson Okoro
With the theme “Guard the Gospel”, we are trusting God that people will be exposed more to understand what the gospel is all about, and the need to guard it so as not to be deceived. We also expect that it is going to be a harvest of souls, where people, through the gospel will encounter God. And to our Lord Bishop, he is indeed wonderful. I pray that God will always bless him and his wife, Mama Owerri.
Mr. Kelechi Ogazie (Christ’s Church Peoples Warden)
To the glory of God, we are fully prepared and ready for the synod, and it may interest you to know that all facilities have been put in place, so that our guests will have the best hospitality.
Again, the synod is a gathering of the Children of God on earth, and the angels on heaven, and I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ will be in His thrown to direct the diocese of Owerri further to the glory of his name. To our Lord Bishop, it is our prayer that God will continue to give him standard and radiant health to be able to discharge his divine mandate.
Sir Soronnadi Unegbu (Co- Secretary Christ’s Church planning Committee)
The synod will be very rewarding in all aspects, and much as I know, this year’s synod is going to be historical considering the level of preparation going on.
Again, I think our lord Bishop did not make any mistake in choosing Christ’s Church to host this year’s synod, and I think with the available information, Christ’s Church Archdeaconry is ever ready to make this year’s synod a huge success.
Our Lord Bishop, he has done wonderfully well in all ramifications. I wish him God’s blessings. To my Vicar, Venerable Zion Ngoka, he has done so much since he was posted to this Archdeaconry. I wish him the best.
Rev. Canon Chike Samulson(Clerical Synod Secretary of Owerri Diocese)
Christ’s Church is a very well established Church, and the synod is coming here this year, which is the 3rd session of the 20th synod with the theme “Guard the Gospel”.
We leave in a time when the gospel and Christians are facing many challenges that are seeming to reverse and dilute what the Bible really mean and stands for. So I think the synod is timely.
To our Lord Bishop, Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha, PhD, he is the president of this synod and whatever we are doing is by his mandate and directives, and we have every assurance that this synod will go well.
Rev. Canon Chris Ogbugh (Vicar, St. James Ang. Church Uzii)
My expectations are great, because after the last synod, over 10 years ago, we are witnessing another one. The last one was quite great, but this year, we expect it to be the greatest and on all sides, spiritually and physically. All the delegates will come and they will go home testifying.
Our Lord Bishop, we have been praying for him, he receives from God, and this time around he will also receive from God and tell us the mind of God because he is a man of God.
Sir Rufus Oguoma
We have started well preparing for the synod. God being on our side, we are expecting very good success. It is our prayer that all the delegates will arrive safely
My Lord Bishop, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha PhD, he is a God sent to this diocese. He is a man with high expectations who would always live by example. We pray that God will reward him for his good work.
Sir Edwin Lekweuwa (Director of DASS Enterprises, Naze)
I am happy that this year’s synod is coming to Christ’s Church Archdeaconry Owerri. And as our Lord Bishop would always say, that Anglican Church, especially Owerri Diocese is known for orderliness, and I think that’s why other churches have continued to copy us.
I want to thank our Lord Bishop for piloting the activities of this diocese successfully, may God continue to bless him and his wife.
Sir Alphosus Unegbu (Christ’s Church Project Building Committee Chairman)
We are very happy in the sense that many are called but few are chosen. So, it is a great joy that we are chosen to host the synod.
Our expectations here in Christ’s Church Archdeaconry are very high. We expect the synod to be one of the best ever hard in this Diocese. And again, we are fully prepared, our new hall under construction has gone 95 per cent completion and by Friday, God helping us, everything will be over. I want to say congratulations to our Lord Bishop for the dedication of CATOL, it is a landmark in the history of Owerri Diocese. To my Archdeacon and his wife, they are wonderful. Our prayer is that God will surely see them through.
Sir Josiah UzomaEchifu (Christ’s Church Financial Secretary Owerri)
We are very grateful to God that we are hosting the synod, and as a result we are preparing seriously for it. I expect that things will work out well without any disturbance because we have hosted the synod before. But this year synod, with the level of preparation will be an exception. I wish my Lord Bishop a successful synod.
Rev. IkechukwuAnukwuru (Christ’s Church)
I believe that so far so good, the Lord has been helping us. It is my belief that the synod is going to be an explosive wonder we have never experienced before, and also believing that through this synod, a lot of souls will be drawn to our Lord Jesus.
To our Lord Bishop, I believe that God’s grace is upon him, and I believe strongly that the Lord is going to strengthen him to preside over this year synod.
Sir Emmanuel Nnawuchi (Christ’s Church Owerri)
This year’s synod will be a synod with a difference, and Christ’s Church, with the level of preparation on ground, will make it a very big one. Our expectation is very high because we intend to make everybody coming for the synod happy. This synod is very timely, considering the present economic and security situation in the country. It is a time like this that children of God are expected to pray and build their faith in Jesus Christ. And that’s exactly what the synod is all about.
Our Lord Bishop is a great servant of God, who would always live by example. In fact in my next world, I will like to have a Bishop like him, because he is very sound both spiritually and physically.

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